You are the Apple of My Eye…

Northgate kick started their week combining their love of technology with art.  Continuing our exploration of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, the children decorated digital images of themselves with food- so creative. We enjoyed trying to guess who was hiding under the abundance of fruit and vegetables. Next week we hope to progress to making our pictures talk- isn’t technology amazing.

Speaking of food, our cress seeds have grown! It’s so exciting to watch the life cycle of a plant happen in our very own classroom. Northgate record observations weekly, noting the plant parts that can be seen.

Northgate continued to explore measurement in maths. Converting metres to centimetres and centimetres to millimetres has been this week’s challenge and the children have displayed their new skills on PicCollage. As the week progressed, we have used our new knowledge to solve word problems that require adding and subtracting different measurements- well done Northgate.

Literacy lessons have allowed for lots of creativity this week. Northgate are experts in using fronted adverbials and spotting prepositions. We focused on word choice and the different ways a reader can be effected, encouraging the children to select appropriate vocabulary and grammatical structures to appeal to readers emotionally, intellectually and imaginatively. With this being our focus, our writing pieces have been amazing! We can’t wait to continue on our story writing adventure.

Have a rest full weekend,

The Year 3 Team.