Woollvin in Watergate

Watergate have had a very busy week that concluded with a celebration of team work and sport.

The children were wonderful at Sport’s Day and really enjoyed cheering on their house team. They remembered the importance of sportsmanship and encouraging others. I am very proud- well done Watergate.

Watergate were in for a big surprise this week. A mysterious package, wrapped in glitter and gold, was delivered to our classroom. After much speculation we discovered it wasn’t a football kit, it was a spell book- wow!

The children concluded that it must belong to a witch, but is this witch good or bad? The witch had bookmarked a spell for towers and left paper for us to record our knowledge of towers and capture. Why would a witch need a tower? What do they need to capture? The investigation continued…

Our explorations led us to the story of Rapunzel, written and illustrated by Bethan Woollvin. On Wednesday, Watergate were so excited to find out that Bethan Woollvin had agreed to come and visit. We had SO much fun learning about how she created her modern fairy tales and made her story characters come to life. Some children were lucky enough to have a copy of her book signed. Thank you for being so wonderful Bethan, we can’t wait to read more of your stories.

Tuesday brought another Transition Morning and Watergate continued practising using their junior tie. Some children have been practising and are tie-tastic! Don’t forget to keep exercising this skill for our final Tie Test, next week.

Have a restful weekend,

The Year Two Team.