Wolfgate Wonders

Half way through the term and Wolfgate have continued to be amazing!

In Literacy this week, we have been further developing our knowledge and skill building of writing a threat narrative. We have learnt how to show and not tell the reader a character’s emotions through actions, the children love taking part in drama based learning to develop their understanding of show not tell. We have also been learning about the effect certain techniques have on the reader including sentence of 3’s and also short sentences to escalate tension. Next week, we will be planning, writing and editing a threat narrative.

In Maths, we have further developed our understanding of fractions, we have been on fire this week. The team are incredibly proud of them this week as they continue to stretch themselves and answer a wide range of questions. Wee have been adding and subtracting mixed numbers, multiplying fractions by whole numbers, and dividing fractions by whole numbers.

In History, we learnt about the mysterious Stonehenge and conducted our own research into the many theories that surround the prehistoric site, from burial grounds, to space research centres, to even alien invaders. The children loved visiting the site via google maps and developed some great thoughts.

Classroom to 5K is into its last couple of weeks, with all children running continuously for 25 minutes this week, moving up to 28 next week.

Next week, the children will be sitting another round of SATs to see how well they have progressed from September, when we last did them.

Have a great weekend! Stay safe!

The Wolfgate Team