Well Being Week Wonders

A brilliant week in Zoom School. We have continued our learning journey into Week 5 of Spring term and marching into the last week of this half term with a sense of optimism that we may all be back together soon.

In Literacy, we have been working towards our final ‘Big Write’ of the Half Term. This week the children have been understanding the effect phrases have on the readers and have been developing their sentence structures to create effects. The children have developed their use of colons and also extended their use of semi colons into lists.

In Maths this week, the children have been making connections between Fractions, Decimals and Percentages and developing ways to convert and order these correctly using division and multiplication to accurately convert between the three. We have also made links to the real world, by making links to where and when we see percentages, and defining key vocabulary.

This week has been Well Being Week, and it was well needed by the fabulous children in Wolfgate. We have developed self coping mechanisms for when things get tough and we feel we need to express how we are feeling. We designed our own Bullet Journals using emojis and things that mean a lot to us. We also created a Vision Board for where we see ourselves in the long term and short term. We also took part in some Gratitude Literacy and created a kenning poem to thank Captain Sir Tom Moore for all he did for the NHS. The poems were heartfelt and personal to each person.

Have a fabulous weekend,

The Wolfgate Team