Well-Being Warriors

We have  had a rich and varied week of experiences to make us more aware of the importance of expressing ourselves and developing positive mental health. This is something very close to all our hearts at St Martin’s and we want to moving forward build upon this to ensure each and every one of you are self-confident, resilient individuals. Particularly important this week as it is Children’s Mental Health  Week.

We started the week with an Art Attack afternoon, learning the importance of why we need to express ourselves in order to show the real world our inner most thoughts and feelings. Northgate created a unique piece of art to express who they are on their ‘blank canvas’ which will be brought together when we return to school to create a masterpiece. We also learned how to draw in the style of Quentin Blake and following the Pavement Picasso movement we created our favourite character from Roald Dahl for a window exhibition. We hope you’ll enjoy going on a Roald Dahl trail to spot your friends designs.

We promoted physical and mental well being on Thankful Tuesday by completing a Roald Dahl inspired Cosmic Yoga and we developed our understanding of gratitude further. Being set the challenge to complete a gratitude jar and write something your grateful for at the end of each day. Miss V also taught us the importance of exercise on our mental health.

Northgate centred themselves by focusing on their likes and dislikes and what they’re good at in the well-being profiles as well as enjoying a much needed digital break by creating a relief using objects from around their house.

In literacy the children were fantastic and completed their big writes which is no mean feat when learning at home. The children used some beautiful descriptive language techniques within their writing. They also discovered Isaac’s jar from the story and predicted what kind of creature might live there. They used playdoh to create their own creature before writing instructions on how to look after their creature.

In maths the children created pizza’s to learn more about recognising fractions before adding fractions with the same denominator. Next week we will move on to ordering fractions and recapping multiplications.

A brilliant week Northgate, well done.

The Northgate Team.