Well Being Warriors

Wellbeing was the word on everyone’s lips this week and Eastgate embraced a new theme everyday.

Motivation Monday kick started with a workout with AJ – always an injection of energy and excitement that gets us up and moving. Likewsie the children took inspiration from Wassily Kandinsky’s famous quote Lend your ears to music, open your eyes to painting and stop thinking…’. Eastgate lost themselves in music and art for the afternoon which motivated super creations. 

Thankful Tuesday was all about gratitude. Eastgate had lovely discussions about the things they are grateful for – in these uncertain circumstances its important to focus on the positives. Inspired by their team talks the children made gratitude jars. Shining a light on the many things we have to be thankful for helped us feel a purpose, love and gratitude. The children know this resource can be called upon come rain or shine. 

Wacky Wednesday continues to welcome wild outfits, crazy hairstyles and imaginative names. We paused the wackiness to pay tribute to the Sir Captain Tom Moore. The children were aware of his contribution and understood his impact on the country therefore it felt right to create something together to display our gratitude.

Eastgate explored the impact music has on our mental health. We expressed ourselves with Mr Jones and learned two very poignant songs. As the day progressed the children explored tempo and duration which helped uncovered new meaning to music. Eastgate enjoyed listening to a variety of songs and discussed how it changed their mood – they preferred the more upbeat collection of songs.

Thursday afternoon was ignited by a coding session with Digital Wizards but concluded with a digital detox. We embrace technology in nearly every we do, therefore the importance of taking a screen break needs to be recognised. The children wrote stories, used Lego and played outside, welcoming the opportunity to step away from devices.

Finally, Funtime Friday. Putting their sewing skills to the test, Eastgate made felt puppets – a D&T project to remember. We concluded the week by joining our peers in Enrichment Clubs.

We are so grateful to have such an amazing Eastgate family and we look forward to welcoming you back into the school building very soon.

Look after yourselves and each other.
The Eastgate Team.