Welcoming Watergate Back To An Invasion!

As a welcome back to school, following a restful Christmas break, Watergate were shocked to find their classroom had been invaded once more! This time, there were no traces of a mischievous wolf, but in fact… a very naughty young girl, with long blonde hair who loved nothing more than eating porridge!
The Watergate team are pleased to report, that this week’s WOW moment was a fantastic kick start to introduce the children to their new topic theme, ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears.

The unexpected invasion, resulted into the children taking on the role of ‘mini detectives’ working in PC Barnet’s shadow, to investigate the remaining clues and left over evidence. This investigation motivated the children to conclude Goldilocks was to blame for this very disturbing break in!

Once the children had made the well thought out decision that Goldilocks was the culprit, they wasted no time composing detailed wanted posters and visual Pic Collages, including all of the evidence and key vocabulary linking to this very special Traditional Tale.

Continuing their discovery of this term’s Traditional Tale’s topic theme, Watergate also explored the difference between Fiction and Non-Fiction, as well as the features of Traditional Tales, in depth over Zoom this week.

In maths, Watergate absolutely BLEW the Watergate team’s mind away this week, with their knowledge and understanding of how to divide numbers up to 50, into 2, 5 and 10 groups, to form equal amounts.
The children clearly demonstrated their understanding of a range of vocabulary associated with division and evidenced how to practically and visually solve challenging, word problems, whilst create and create and solve number sentences based on mastery division questions.

In science this week, Watergate explored the task of distinguishing everyday objects and their materials, by recognising in detail, their surroundings inside their homes and outside.
In doing so, the children reflected on the best use of certain materials, in order for them to be sustainable and used effectively in day to day life.
This Science experiment proved to be a fantastic opportunity for the children to identify the most and least popular material which is used to construct objects in their environment.

Great work and resilience in adapting to work online successfully, once again Watergate.
You all are amazing!

Have a brilliant weekend, hopefully there will be snow!
The Watergate Team.