Welcome back, Watergate!

Although it has been a shorter week in school than usual, all of the children have thoroughly enjoyed a jam packed four days, full of creative and challenging activities.

To kick start the week, Watergate explored the use of silent letters, such as ‘dge’ and ‘wr’ and applied their knowledge of these sounds within their creative writing. In doing so, the children were able to recognise that many words contain different silent letters but in the spellings of these, their letters are still relevant.

During singing this week, Watergate were thrilled to sing alongside Mr Hartwell Jones, in person!
The children took extra care perfecting their warm up exercises as they had a range of Harvest songs to reverse, such as ‘Harvest Rock and Roll’ and ‘Cauliflowers Fluffy’. It was lovely to see the joy on the children’s faces once they were welcomed by Mr Hartwell Jones and extremely rewarding to hear Watergate sing their hearts out to their favourite Harvest songs.

In celebration of World Maths day on Thursday, Watergate explored a range of Mastery Maths strategies, which included physical resources, pictorial representation and many mental strategies, in order to solve a variety of challenging word problems. During this time, the children naturally reflected on their knowledge of number bonds, different times tables and of course, Watergate’s favourite….. column addition and subtraction!

In celebration of the brilliant writing the children completed this week, based on a set of instructions to make a delicious dragon fruit smoothie, Watergate welcomed a very special Dragon Hunting visitor! The Dragon visitor took the children on a enchanted discovery around their school grounds, to explore if there was any evidence and remaining traces of a Dragon invading St Martin’s Academy such as, left over dragon food, claw markings, foot prints and mysterious scales. In addition, the children had the opportunity to get crafty, by creating their own dragon eggs, whilst discussing the history of dragons, castles and knights.

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to bringing this term to an end next week, with wonderful Watergate!
The Watergate team.