We Are Exhausted but Ecstatic!


We could not have had better week! The weather has held up and the laughs have been a plenty, from cycling downhill at ridiculous speeds, to playing card games watching the sun set, or hot chocolate.

We started the week, by cycling 30 kilometre  from Hoole to Connah’s Quay, the children were amazing and enjoyed the experience of being free in the open. The children crossed the border into Wales and experiences the history pf the industry that shaped the area, from victorian river blocks to the modern Airbus, The Beluga XL even graced us with its presence.

On Tuesday, we ventured out to Alderford Lake to spend a couple days with The Get Out Classroom Team headed up by Mark. We were then split into two teams and explored islands, by paddle boarding and kayaking for more info have a look below at some incredible pictures below!  The children were amazing and reflected on their many amazing memories of being at St Martin’s.

On Friday, we went to Barrow Cricket Club to have a chilled out Friday, the children were exhausted so we survived on sugar the whole day. We had a fun day playing dodgeball, football and rugby.

Enjoy the pictures below!

They have been absolute stars all week and we are incredibly proud! Thank you for your ongoing support and confidence!

The Wolfgate Team