We Are All Unique

The summer term continues to fly by in the Shipgate classroom! We have had another week jam packed with fun, laughter and learning- how can we only have three weeks left!

On Tuesday, Shipgate pupils once again took the lead to deliver a great basketball lesson, complete with mini skills and games- the class are really developing their sports leadership skills by taking the lead and have found it a challenge, at times, but rewarding too! On Thursday, pupils enjoyed a rounders session, led by Miss Davies. During our PE theory session this week, pupils looked at the different jobs associated with sport: ranging from physiotherapist to a commentator to a sporting event planner! The children discussed the skills they have and looked at which career would best fit them! In the pool this week, Shipgate continued with their water safety, treading water and floating.

In Maths this week, the pupils completed their end of unit assessment- showing what they have learnt over the last few weeks: reflection, coordinates, symmetry and translation. Also, they have looked at converting between units of measurement, for distance and mass.

In literacy, Shipgate completed their ‘big writes’: writing a letter to persuade an MP to increase the amount of Physical Education and activity that children do. The pupils used editing stations to improve their own work and then produced their final piece. The children included excellent persuasive language, rhetorical questions, statistics and varied sentence structures- well done everybody!

In our trans-disciplinary theme work this week, Shipgate enjoyed responding to puberty problem pages; they responded sensitively and with maturity. In art, pupils used different techniques (including shading and crosshatch) to create focused body images, using pen. The pupils peer assessed one and others’ work, discussing successes and areas that they could improve on. In Spanish this week, Shipgate wrote sentences to describe their favourite hobbies. As a class we performed complex rhythms in drumming, building up a class piece, playing different rhythms simultaneously in groups. In PSHE, we had a wonderful session celebrating why we are brilliant, just the way we are! The children wrote lovely things about each other and they were so happy reading the lovely comments that their friends had written about them!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend, as the excitement builds for our Shipgate sleepover next week.

The Year 5 Team