Watergate’s Fabulous Fourth Week

Watergate started this week with a surprise visit from Chester Zoo! We learned about different mini-beasts, including how bees pollinate flowers and discussed how we can look after the mini-beasts that live around us. This was a fantastic start to the week, which had the children ‘buzzing’ to learn more

Watergate have learned the differences between nouns and verbs and worked amazingly in their house teams to sort words into the correct word category. The children then used their knowledge of nouns and verbs in their writing, whilst writing a persuasive letter to Rosie Revere, persuading her to not give up on her inventions. Watergate produced some fantastic independent writing this week, which Miss Jones and Miss MacGregor are super proud of!

We have enjoyed working in our house teams, collecting our own data throughout the class and presenting it on our own bar charts, tally charts and pictograms. The children have enjoyed using their data collection methods in different ways such as our class toast order and house team points. Miss MacGregor and Miss Jones can’t wait to see which animals are spotted for Watergate’s tally chart homework!

After a hard-working week, we ended our week by talking about ‘positive thinking’ and how we should always look on the bright side. The children have discussed the meaning of ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ and created their own ‘positive thought cloud’, to present on our classroom walls.

We hope you have a fantastic weekend,

Best wishes,

The Year Two Team.