Wolves Wanted!

The story world box strikes again, as the children were surprised by wolf and a paw print shaped cutters, as well as a red hooded cloak! After much discussion, the children decided that it must be a baking challenge! We collected the ingredients we needed to make wolf or paw shaped cookies. The children measured the ingredients and followed instructions. We set a timer and waited as the mixture transformed into some delicious vanilla cookies. The smell was amazing as we walked around the school and this smell attracted someone else to Newgate over night…

The BIG BAD WOLF had taken a bite out of our Little Red cookie! Quick to solve a problem, Newgate began writing wanted posters to find him. After letters had been written and wanted posters had been put up, the wolf was found. It turns out he isn’t big or bad, he was just hungry!

Thank you for all the effort with our half term homework. The castles and designs were amazing and we used these to do a review writing task!

Next week we will continue our traditional tales adventures.

Many thanks,

The Newgate Team