Tricky Trappers

What an eventful week in Newgate. Our week has been full of problem solving and creative designing.

This week we have designed our very own wolves. We have had multicoloured wolves, orange stripy wolves and other weird yet wonderful designs. The children continued their designing to create a wolf trap! In the story of Little Red the wolf takes a short cut through the forest to find Granny’s house; the children thought that they would design a trap to capture the wolf on the way to Granny’s house.

In groups they each designed different traps using the resources in the outdoor area. The children then led their learning in a different direction and began to use the puppets to re-enact the story.

Newgate have really enjoyed their final transition day and they have even met their buddies. We are overwhelmingly proud of the role models they have become for children coming into St Martin’s Academy.

Many thanks as always,

The Newgate Team