Travelling Back to Discover Julius Caesar…

This week, Watergate have enjoyed diving in deep into phonics to develop their awareness of same sounds with different spellings.
These challenging sounds the children explored included the application of split digraphs and overall, it has been fantastic to witness the children independently practice their beattfuful pre-cursive handwriting.

In maths, Watergate explored identifying a range of unique patterns. Grasping this almost immediately, the children were enthused to identify and describe patterns using both, 2D and 3D shapes in their house teams and through independent construction work!

In topic, Watergate have furthered their knowledge and understanding of how time has been used throughout history by discovering the months of the year within a calendar. The children were motivated tor research into this topic and discovered Julius Caeasar was the individual who ordered a calendar consisting of twelve months, based on a solar year! Once the children learnt this, they were then encouraged to develop models of how the earth orbits the sun in a whole year, leading us to experience different seasons.

Fantastic work, Watergate Time Travellers!

Have a wonderful weekend,
The Watergate team.