Together Through Dance.

Northgate have completed many learning assignments to a high standard and sent their love to Captain Tom Moore for his birthday but the highlight of this week has to be our dance video. Showing the world we’re still a happy and healthy team, Northgate pulled out their best moves to celebrate International Dance Day 2020. See the video here.

After recapping the purpose of subheadings and importance of paragraphs, Northgate prepared for their big write. They have put actions to words, working hard to internalise and retell our model text. We look forward to exercising all we’ve learned to next weeks literacy lessons. The children should be incredibly proud of their efforts because ‘…if you can say it, you can write it!’.

Similarly, in Spanish we’ve been exploring the four seasons and working on our pronunciation before creating colourful posters to display in our learning environments. Next week we’ll look at combining learning from the last two weeks to describe the weather in each season- es emocionante!

In math the children continued their exploration of multiplication and learned new strategies for tackling two and three digit calculations. Using the wizards hat and grid method, Northgate were able to confidently solve SATs style reasoning questions- amazing effort well done.

Thank you so much for supporting your child’s learning on the online platform. Although we can’t wait to be reunited soon, it’s been a delight to see Northgate’s happy, smiling faces as they learn with their families at home. Keep up the hard work.

Stay safe and keep dancing,

The Northgate Team