Tie Dye Triumph

Eastgate have had a super week – celebrating being back together felt great.

The children have enjoyed exploring this half term’s vehicle text – The Lost Happy Endings – and focused on description of the main characters. After investigating the impact of adverbs and similes, Eastgate exercised their learning to write some powerful poetry. We are looking forward to displaying this in our classroom early next week.

Speaking of display – Eastgate were delighted at the opportunity to tie dye knickers, socks and anything white they could find. The children admired an illustration featured in the text and we thought it would be a fab idea to recreate in a unique way – a new found enjoyment for those who were excited at the thought of parents and grandparents tie dying clothes as a fashion statement in the 70s. Hung out to dry, with pride, the whole school community got to see our fabulous creations.

Eastgate have been busy consolidating column addition in mathematics this week and progressed to using and applying their skills to solve reasoning problems. Click here to watch a video┬ádesigned to synthesise the week’s learning (may contain ads).

We continue our exploration of Islam in Religious Education. The children are fascinated by this faith and are able to discuss how, where and by whom Islam was founded – keep it up Eastgate.

Have a restful weekend,

The Eastgate Team.