Their Finest Hour.

Another week gone by like a flash!

This week has been very exciting for Wolfgate, we have submitted and found out our parts for our final hurrah at St Martin’s. The Wolfgate Team have been busy this week meeting with Heads of Year 7’s for different secondary school and it has been such a pleasure sharing how wonderful our children are in Wolfgate and has made the team reflect on how far they have developed socially and academically this year.

This week, we have handling data through accessing mastery schemes of work, and as ever the children have excelled, they have shown great methods and understanding of how to handle data when there is more than one set of data on a graph.

During Literacy, we have been developing our understanding of our Vehicle Text, Rose Blanche, the children have started to analyse a diary extract from the main character and will begin to develop their own diary entry over the next couple of weeks.

Through our topic of WWII, we have been understanding what the home front was like in more detail, we created posters and slide shows about food and fashion during the war years and have been reading diary extracts from people who lived through change- we think a lot of children have much more empathy for them after going through something very very different to them but also with some similarities.

We have also learnt about the Holocaust this week, the children have been fantastic and very mature about the events that happened under the Nazi regime, we then designed and created our own posters under the heading of ‘Lessons to Live By’ . Have a look below for some amazing strategies to live a more peaceful life. We have also looked into the Evacuation of Dunkirk and now understand the importance of those 330,000 soldiers being rescued and the importance of countries working together to reach a goal or a milestone.

A fantastic week, enjoy the sunshine and as ever your children are an absolute privilege to teach and interact with everyday!


Team Wolfgate