Terrific Tudors!

During literacy this week, Eastgate have been looking at some pictures from their new class book. The children thought about the setting and the characters within the pictures and began to make some predictions about their new focus book.

Within maths this week, Eastgate have started to look at statistics. Within this, the children have looked at a variety of graphs and charts. Eastgate even went on to producing their very own pictogram off a set of given data!

Eastgate have produced some wonderful artwork this week for our School of Sanctuary project. The children used paint to create a background, stuck their portraits on top and wrote a short sentence about why they feel safe at St. Martins.

OnWednesday, Eastgate and Northgate had a fantastic Tudor experience day where they had many opportunities to dress up, act out, create craft activities and even write with a quill! It was a day full of learning and fun. This was also a great way to kick start this half terms topic of where we are in place and time.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

The year 4 team.