Terrific Teamwork!

What a week!

Eastgate have worked incredibly hard in Maths this week! They have been able to conquer fractions and decimals! We have successfully been able to recognise equivalent fractions, add and subtract fractions, count forwards and backwards in fractions and solve fraction problems. On top of all this fraction work the children have shown great determination to be able to compare decimals, count forwards and backwards in decimals and round tricky numbers.

In Literacy, the children have been super stars working together to structure different types of texts. They have also been working on changing the atmosphere and mood of texts in groups.

In Art, the children have been able to use food pictures from magazines and pictures to create a self portrait in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

In Spanish, Eastgate have been able to build sentences to tell each other about what foods they like and don’t like. We had fun trying to guess what each others’ favourite food was.

In Stretch and Grow, Eastgate loved looking into the effects of gravity. They have been able to investigate what affects gravity by doing an experiment to see what type of ball drops to the floor the fastest.

Plant check up… the seeds of cress, sunflower and marigold are still growing. However, this week Eastgate’s bean plants have grown so much.  Never mind a little sprout they are now growing a full stem!

In PE with AJ, the children have focused on drills to practice the lay up shot. They were then able to use their new skills in the matches at the end. With Miss Valentine, Eastgate worked together to make maps and faces with the sports equipment. Then they were able to complete fitness challenges. In Dance, the children have been concentrating on perfecting their routines.

We hope you have a brilliant weekend.

The Year 4 Team