Terrible Tudors

Northgate time-travelled with the help of the Makers of History to learn how to survive during Tudor times. They brought the Tudors to life through drama, art, music and dance and the children absolutely loved the whole experience. From learning the gruesome symptoms of the plague and seeing a plague doctor at work, to experiencing a day in the life of an Elizabethan including a banquet, to a criminal court of law where the children met ‘real-life’ criminals from the Tudors.  They learned the history of the Tudor rose as well as acting out the story of Sir Francis Drake and learning his important discoveries around the new world. An amazing way to kick-start their new unit of inquiry The Three Queens and inspired all the historians in Northgate.

Northgate also discovered a hold all and a note which said Help! Lost my things. The children searched for the missing items, they also found in a hidden compartment, a passport, rolled up notes and a life jacket. The children questioned who the bag might belong to, using evidence to infer who the characters might be and how they might be feeling. Towards the end of the week the children thought it might belong to a refugee.

A wonderful week of learning, well done Northgate.