Tasked To Trade

Eastgate have had an energetic week that concluded with a long awaited trip to City Baths – it felt great to get back in the pool.

Although our learning has run parallel with those working at online, we are looking forward to welcoming them back on Monday. This week we have continued our unity of inquiry by exploring trade. Starting with defining goods and services and moving on to investigating imports and exports. The children worked in teams to complete tasks related to trade.

In mathematics, Eastgate have continued to explore place values and as the week progressed we compared, ordered and identified one thousand more and less than four digit numbers – super effort. We have been consolidation our new knowledge by working through reasoning questions – by explaining their answers, Eastgate deepen their understanding.

After a colourful exploration of collage, we returned to Henri Matisse’s earlier paintings and focused our attention one of his most famous pieces – The Goldfish. The children mirrored the image before using watercolours to add their own touch – they look beautiful and are displayed proudly in our classroom.

We had an energetic mid week treat – drama with Steph was a huge hit. The children took a deeper look at scenes form our vehicle text, The Lost Happy Endings. Next week we look forward to exploring more but in the meantime, a read a loud version of this mysterious tale is available here.

Have a restful weekend,

The Eastgate Team