Taking a tour of the tube

Northgate have had an energetic week that concluded with a golden time party for all the birthdays we have this week.

We started the week, writing letters to our family and friends as if we had set sail on the Titanic. It was lovely to see our imaginations and our recent experience of being on board the Mersey Ferry inform our writing.

Unit of Inquiry has been an adventure this week, starting with researching Emilia Earhart. Our outside space was transformed into the London Underground. The children navigated their way around the tube stations to gather facts – did you know that King’s Cross St. Pancras is the busiest London Underground station.

Each member of Northgate shared their independent research about a mode of transport of their choice. The Northgate team are proud of the confidence and independence displayed by all pupils during our presentations. We discussed hover crafts, bicycles, motorbikes and the famous Wright Brothers.

In Maths, we have continued to look at place value. We can now show numbers in different ways including through pictures, calculations and words. Next week, we look forward to exploring number lines but in the meantime, here is a video that takes you through finding numbers on a number line.

We got creative for our Young Ambassador Award this week and created leaflets to inform our friends of how to be ‘SMART’ online. Next week, the children will continue their computer safety lessons and spread the word about how to be safe online.

Our Northgate independent skills are being developed in every aspect of learning including Literacy. This week, we focused on how to use online dictionaries to look up words from our model text.

Have an enjoyable and restful weekend,

The Northgate Team