Swinging into Summer 2

After a wonderful half term break, Shipgate returned to the classroom full of enthusiasm and excitement. The week has flown by and the sun has been shining on us, keeping our spirits high! We have had a wonderful week of learning and new experiences to kick start our summer term.

In PE this week, Shipgate have been putting their plans into practise with our first group leading their own dodgeball lesson. The children worked brilliantly, explaining their rules and expectations, encouraging the rest of the class confidently. We look forward to next week’s session! Shipgate continued with the dodgeball theme, playing adapted games in their next PE session this week. Luckily, Owen, from Barrow Cricket Club, who visited our school to work with us to develop our cricket skills, joined us on Wednesday. The children had a great time and Owen was impressed with our skills- go Shipgate! To end the week, Shipgate enjoyed their first water safety swim session at the City Baths.

This week in Maths, Shipgate have been studying coordinates: describing positions using compass directions, plotting points in the first quadrant and translating shapes on a grid. The pupils used mathematical vocabulary and they challenged themselves, completing extension problems.

Shipgate have been introduced to our new text, ‘Dreams of Freedom’ in literacy this week. The children began by making predictions and asking questions, using images from the text as a stimulus. Shipgate looked at powerful adjectives, choosing adventurous examples to enhance their writing. Also, we looked at expanded noun phrases and key words from the text. The class enjoyed having a class debate about whether children should have their own rights and freedom from their parents. The pupils put their views across confidently, using formal and informal language.

Shipgate started their new trans-disciplinary theme, ‘Who we are’, this week. Using the children’s photographs, collected over the holidays, we enjoyed a challenge of guessing who was who, from their baby photos- we even had a teacher round too! The class enjoyed presenting their photos, in chronological order, using PicCollage. On Wednesday, our drumming lessons returned with Mark introducing new rhythms to challenge us further. On Friday, Shipgate enjoyed a visit from the poet Ash Dickinson. He joined us and shared some of his creations with us. Ash inspired the class to write numerous poems of their own- we were blown away by their attitude and efforts- well done Shipgate! Shipgate had their first RSE lesson on Friday, exploring the emotional and physical changes that occur during puberty. The class showed great maturity and asked and answered questions, responding appropriately to the views of others.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend in the sun- thanks again for your continued support!

The Year 5 Team