Superhero Science!

In Newgate we have celebrated Science Week!

This week we have been learning scientific language such as experiment and prediction. The children have been looking at changing materials this week. Our learning has been shaped around different ice scientific. Our first experiment looked at the changes we could make to an ice cube by using our hands! We recorded our predictions before carrying out the experiment and then we recorded our results! The children’s language development was wonderful to hear as they each shared their unique predictions during a science circle time.

Newgate extended their learning by exploring how we can keep ice frozen for longer. We compared a cool bag with a basket to carry our ice lollies to the superhero headquarters. Through exploration we have discovered that a cool bag will keep them frozen for longer! After completing our science experiment we had a cheeky taste test of our ice lollies!

In music this week we have been exploring the music our bodies make. The children have applied their previous learning to record their repeating music patterns through using initial sounds!

Newgate have welcomed Miss Williams to our classroom. Miss Williams is in the first year of her teaching degree in Manchester Metropolitan University and will be supporting Newgate for the next 8 weeks.

Thank you for your continued support. Please refer to the homework blog.

Miss Bowler, Mrs Bebbington, Mrs Thombs and Miss Williams.