Stomp Extravaganza

A very exciting week in Eastgate this week!

We started our week off on Monday morning with a stomp dance session where the children learnt a dance sequence (stomp style) and even made up their own in groups! Please see the news story on the home page for more.

During literacy, Eastgate have been planning and writing their very own Brothers Grimm inspired tales! They even edited their work by following a success-criteria.

Within maths this week, the children have been identifying symmetry in 2D shapes of different orientations. Additionally, Eastgate have also be looking at simple symmetric figures with specific lines of symmetry.

Science work involved the children starting a brand-new topic of sound. The children focused on how sound is made this week and identified how sound gets from its source to the ear canal.

Eastgate have created some Banksy artwork this week. The children made templates through tracing an image onto card and cutting it out. They then used these to create their topic book covers!

Finally, within RE, the children have learnt about cultural diversity and compared a variety of beliefs.

We hope you have a lovely weekend,

The year 4 team.