States of Matter!

During literacy this week, Eastgate have been using fronted adverbials to annotate pictures from their focus text. In addition to this, the children have also identified key language, features and structure of the text.

Within maths this week, Eastgate have been solving comparison, sum and difference problems in the form of mastery. They have also completed a recap session on all they have learnt about statistics this half term.

On Monday afternoon, the children completed a challenge project for our visit to Upton-by-Chester high school on Friday. They worked hard as a team to complete a large-scale project all about the danger of plastic pollution.

During SPaG, we have been looking at homophones. The children worked hard to identify them and put them into sentences accurately!

Finally, within science this week, Eastgate have been comparing and grouping materials together, according to whether they are solids, liquids or gases.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend,

The Year 4 Team.