Sporting Spectacular

This week Northgate have continued to explore what life was like for the Victorians, learning about architecture and the advances in technology in the Industrial Revolution. They applied their knowledge by designing their own Victorian house and creating William Morris style wall paper. The children also learned about Victorian foods and how they differed for rich and poor before creating menus; next week the children will experience creating some of their favourite meals.

In literacy the children have really unpicked the language used by the author of their model text and learned how to use personification. They have also been learning new prefixes and suffixes to apply to root words. They are very much looking forward to planning their refugee narrative next week.

In maths, the children have been consolidating and extending their knowledge of three and four digit numbers, writing them in numerals and words and comparing them using greater than, less than and equal too.

Northgate have had a spectacular week of sport, learning tennis, taking part in a cricket tournament and hosting the women’s football world cup semi finals on Thursday afternoon to celebrate the end of Miss Fuller’s final week, though the children and I are eager to welcome her back soon, ready to teach Eastgate.

Miss Fuller has been a fantastic addition to the Northgate team and we are all so proud of her success, she has made such an impact on all the children and I know they are so excited to learn with her next year.

A brilliant week Northgate, well done.