Spectacular Sport Relief!

Science week! What a brilliant week Eastgate have had, ending with lots of exciting Science experiments! They have been investigating cohesion, surface tension and air resistance.

In Literacy, with the end goal being writing our own persuasive letters, the children have been analysing the model text in great depth. Firstly, Eastgate were able to work in groups to create reasons why the wicked witch should return all the lost happy endings. They then were able to use these reasons in their edited versions of the model text.

Finishing off working with money, the children have been able to again work on their problem solving skills by budgeting for their own parties. Eastgate have also been able to find fractions of money independently and in groups. They then loved the task of challenging each other to find fractions of money.

In Art this week, Eastgate have created individual pieces of bunting in the style of William Morris. They then put together their creations to make beautiful bunting to hang in our classroom.

On Thursday, Eastgate had an amazing day celebrating Sport Relief. They had the exciting opportunity to play 5 a-side football and handball throughout the day. Some then had a lovely chance to run the bleep test with a family member.

In PE with AJ, Eastgate focused on starting rallies in different ways. They played lots of short, competitive games and loved every minute. With Miss Valentine, the children worked on their leapfrog jumping. Then they challenged themselves to use this technique to jump onto boxes of different heights.

We hope you have a fabulous weekend.

The Year 4 Team