Sneaky Shapes

This week in Newgate we have been shape detectives. The children have been focusing on recognising 2D shapes as well as talking about how many sides they have. Our week began with a fun and fantastic hunt for 2D shapes in our own learning environment. The children worked together in teams to find rectangles, squares, triangles and circles. The shapes were definitely sneaky, as we discovered items that we see everyday in the classroom that are 2D shapes. Fantastic team work!

We have used our 2D shape knowledge to complete a 2D shape butterfly challenge. We focused on our fine motor skills and used scissors to cut accurately and carefully. The children also used their knowledge of technology to request reminders of the 2D shapes by asking ‘please can you Google a picture?’ Although this made us giggle as a team, it shows fantastic understanding of the role of technology in our lives.

In phonics this week, we have celebrated our knowledge of initial sounds and we have even learnt our first digraph ‘SH’. We have impressed Mr Hartwell-Jones with our enjoyment of singing and we believe this has come from our love of rapping our phonics sounds!

Please refer to the homework blog.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Bowler, Mrs Bebbington and Mrs Thombs.