Short and sweet return…now back to home learning!

Once again we have had a whirlwind of a week in Shipgate! It was wonderful to see everybody, after our Christmas break, on Monday and we had a fantastic day dressed as characters from Roald Dahl’s books. After the news of school closures, the Shipgate children, once again, have made us so proud with their return to home learning. They have been a credit to you, so engaged and enthusiastic. Their effort and smiley faces brighten our days, until we can be together again.

On Monday we had a brilliant day, sharing resolutions and Christmas experiences. The class especially enjoyed melting and moulding chocolates (Willy Wonka style) and they were delicious- we even had left over chocolate to dip into with marshmallows! Pupils loved creating group dream jars, drawing their favourite characters and filling them with their own hopes and wishes for 2021- a spot of glitter was added and let’s hope all of our dreams come true!

In Maths this week, pupils have been developing their skills and confidence at using the formal written method for long multiplication. They have multiplied numbers by one and two digits and have wowed us with their resilience and determination.

In Literacy the children have explored key words and phrases from our new text ‘The Errand’. We have discussed adventurous vocabulary and looked at their effect on the reader.

In Science pupils learnt about the skeletal, muscular and digestive systems- they were able to use previous learning (from PE theory sessions) to name different bones and muscles in our bodies and they learnt about the functions of each system.

Pupils have been staying active this week by completing PE with Joe and we have lots of exciting challenges to try next week, with Miss Valentine.

We had a wonderful end to the week, with pupils choosing their own topics to investigate. They enjoyed sharing their findings and presentations with the class and we were amazed by their confidence and hard work- well done Shipgate!

We hope you have a relaxing weekend and enjoy some time away from Zoom. Thank you so much for your ongoing support from home and we send a huge congratulations to the Shipgate children on their amazing effort this week.

The Year 5 Team