Shipgate Super Stars!

What a crazy week Shipgate have had this week! With Wolfgate on their residential, Shipgate have been able to step up and take a lead with being head of the school. They have behaved impeccably and have shown they truly are Wolfgate ready.

Shipgate have shown incredible resilience and determination this week as they carried out some practice SATs papers. They were able to use the mindfulness strategies we have been developing to complete a SPAG, Reading Comprehension and Maths paper. Well done Shipgate – you have all been super stars!

In Maths this week, Shipgate have been looking at converting units including weight, lengths and time. They enjoyed looking at the difference between metric and imperials units and have been able to delve into investigating how to use timetables.

This week in PE the children have thoroughly enjoyed the competition and games that were played. On Tuesday, a group of Shipgate pupils took the lead of delivery their planned football lesson. This included skill based activities and finished with a mini tournament. Shipgate are becoming great leaders and showing true resilience when running their own sessions. On Thursday, pupils enjoyed a session dedicated to their favourite sport – dodgeball. The excitement and laughter was in full flow – well done Shipgate! In the pool this week, Shipgate continued with their water safety and loved ‘rescuing’ their partner from the water.

In our Trans-disciplinary theme work this week, pupils have been able to explore ways to get support during puberty; they have been very sensible and shown great understanding. In PSHE, the children enjoyed looking at the ‘Confidence Trick’. They were able to carry out role-play and solve different upcoming problems they may face. As a class we performed complex rhythms in drumming, building up a class piece, playing different rhythms simultaneously in groups. Shipgate also got the opportunity to have an extra Music lesson this week with Mr Benson, where they listen to a variety of music from TV shows and films. They were able to describe how the music made they feel and why.

We hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend.

The Year 5 Team