Shipgate inventors!

Shipgate have had a great week!

During maths this week, Shipgate have been super busy drawing line graphs, using line graphs to solve problems, reading and interpreting tables and even completing two-way tables.

Within literacy, Shipgate answered questions about the model text to help them comprehend. The children then searched for the dictionary definitions of key vocabulary from the text and began to think about specific phrases and their meanings. Additionally, Shipgate went onto identify the features of a newspaper report!

Science allowed the children to identify mechanisms and their uses. They even created their own inventions which included levers, pulleys and gears. Also, within science this week, Shipgate looked at the effects of water resistance. They even created their own boats to test on water!

Penultimately, within French, Year 5 looked at numbers up to 900. They then began to recognise number words within spoken sentences!

Finally, within history, Shipgate carried out research on Isaac Newton and created a collage all about him!

We hope you have a lovely weekend,

The Year 5 team.