Searching the clouds for a silver lining!

What an amazing week Eastgate have had. This week they have produced truly incredible work that Miss Fuller has been blown away by! Well done all you Superstars!

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the Eastgate parents for your ongoing support. We know this is a challenging time, but you have been fantastic. We love seeing all the pictures and videos you have been sending in of the children and can’t wait to see all your VE Day celebrations!

This week in Maths, the children have done some fantastic multiplication. They have completed an Expanded Multiplication Test to assess their overall understanding of multiplication. Eastgate have demonstrated a solid understanding. Well done Eastgate!

In Literacy this week, Eastgate have created their own picture map to help them learn the key words and sentences from the Model Text. These must have really helped the children as later in the week they produced some outstanding Non Chronological Reports. They were able to gather information on Mount Kilimanjaro and then use their success criteria’s and prior knowledge of subheadings to create wonderful pieces of writing.

This week in Topic, the children have been top scientists and really enjoyed investigating cloud coverage and condensation. In Geography, Eastgate have been able to explore rivers of the world and then look at the different features of a river.

Remember to keep sending in pictures and videos using Google classroom. Or you could tweet pictures of what the children are getting up to using the hash tag #SMAEastgate2020. Also, please don’t forget to hand in your work and click ‘hand in’ so Miss Fuller can mark it.

We hope you have a wonderful bank holiday weekend.

The Year 4 Team