Rugby Mania

Wow! Another fantastic week- well done Shipgate.

In Literacy this week, Shipgate began exploring key phrases from our model text and considered the effect these have on the reader. They created their own expanded noun phrases and adverbial phrases to create mood in their writing. The children particularly loved creating imagery through similes and metaphors. This week in SPAG, Shipgate have focused on prepositions and have identified these within poetry.

In Maths, the children have again been focusing on using White Rose Maths. Continuing our number and place value learning, they have developed their understanding of numbers to 1 million, negative numbers and Roman numerals. Shipgate have demonstrated their excellent reasoning skills and are ready to apply these during their end of topic assessment next week.

During Art this week, Shipgate have created some beautiful mountain pictures using pastels, inspired by our text ‘Shackleton’s Journey’. They have also been able to explore Ernest Shackleton’s adventures and have created a timeline of his expeditions. This week, Shipgate have enjoyed their first Music session with Mr Benson and we are so excited to see what the upcoming weeks bring.

This week, our Wednesday PE session focused on rugby skills. The children practiced throwing off their opposition using fake passes and progressed to play some mini tag rugby games. During our theory session, the children looked at different types of training and then explored these in their practical session.

We hope you have a brilliant weekend.

The Year 5 Team