Rock and Roll in Eastgate

Eastgate have had a fabulous week that concluded with Feel Good Friday celebrations. Dressed in our own clothes, with the option of no shoes (feet out), Eastgate enjoyed a fun filled day of mindfulness activities. We started with rock painting, progressed to cooking and took part in team games in PE. There was a lot of dancing and it was wonderful to see the purpose of the day- wellbeing- was well and truly consolidated.

In science this week Eastgate have been investigating rocks. Categorising rocks into three categories; igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary became the focus and the children can now share facts about all three rock types confidently- so impressed. Next week we will progress to the identification of rock properties by experimenting permeability, durability and destiny- we can’t wait!

In maths we continue the exploration of column addition and Eastgate have exceed expectation, confidently applying their skills to solve reasoning problems and KS2 SATs questions- well done! Exercising your child’s understanding of column addition and subtraction, using four digits, will ensure they consolidate their knowledge in preparation for next week.

Eastgate felt estupendo in Spanish this week as they recapped numbers to 20. We also practised our conversational skills by greeting each other and asking partners how they’re feeling. This week’s homework will be Spanish themed.

Have a restful weekend,

The Eastgate Team.