Revelatory Refugees

Northgate this week have recognised the importance of the journeys refugees make when seeking sanctuary. They have continued exploring the text ‘The Journey ‘through their literacy unit and have also shared the stories ‘The Day You Begin’ and ‘Kunkush’ the true story of a refugee cat, discussing the experiences refugees have and what we can do to help. They are also extremely proud of the poetry and artwork displayed in the Chester City of Sanctuary exhibition at Chester Cathedral, please go and visit their wonderful work.

Northgate have continued their love of learning of all things Elizabethan, learning more about the infamous monarch Queen Elizabeth I. They researched Elizabethan life including food, homes and clothing and how symbols played a huge part in influencing people’s opinions of the queen and how this was shown in portraits before creating their own portraits of Elizabeth I.

In maths the children have learned how to measure and calculate area and perimeter and in science they discovered fossils and how they are formed.

They also took a momentous step as they experienced their first transition morning with Miss Fuller in Eastgate. The children are more than ready for this challenge and we are so proud that Miss Fuller will be continuing their learning journey in Eastgate.

A brilliant week of learning, well done Northgate.