Pitch perfect!

As another half term comes to an end, Eastgate have been extremely busy this week completing a range of assessments.

During literacy, Eastgate have been completing their writing assessments. For this, the children created a setting description based on a given picture of a mythical land.

On Tuesday, Eastgate took part in an inter-house netball competition with Miss Boynton. The children thoroughly enjoyed this and all played exceptionally well!

Within science this week, Eastgate used instruments to find patterns between the pitch of a sound and the features of the object that produced it. The children even went on to make their own instruments that create a range of pitches!

On Thursday St.Martins took part in ‘Outdoor Classroom Day’ where the children took all their learning outside for the whole day! Eastgate completed morning challenge outdoors, created some amazing acrostic poems all about a tree of their choice and even produced some incredible Banksy inspired pieces of art!

We hope you have a wonderful half term!

The year 4 team.