Phenomenal Phonics!

This week has been an exceptionally, successful week for all of the boys and girls in Bridgegate as their Phonics Screening Check is now complete!

The Year One Team would like to congratulate all of the children on their fantastic effort and thank you once again for all your support and encouragement at home – you should be extremely proud!

Alongside the exciting phonics achievements the children have experienced this week, Bridgegate have extended their knowledge of empowering, inspirational woman who have in the past, made a difference in society due to their personal talents and bravery.

To begin, Bridgegate explored the impact Amelia Earhart has had in history due to her being the first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean – alone! Following this eye opening discovery, Bridgegate were motivated to apply their knowledge of how to write a detailed letter in order to list their understanding of Amelia Earhart’s many achievements and her contribution towards supporting equal rights which have influenced a movement in society today.

Additionally, in honour of the effort and bravery Earhart displayed in the past, Bridegeate created beautifully designed planes to motivate them each day in class filled with inspirational words such as, ‘ambitious’ and ‘influential’. The children also created vibrant Suffragette rosettes and towards the end of the week and the Year One Team hosted a Suffragette’s celebration for the children to showcase their wonderful craft designs. During Bridgegate’s Suffragette celebration, the children were encouraged to discuss, write and illustrate texts about the influential woman in their life, and the personal qualities they display each day, which impact on their happiness and wellbeing.

To end the week, the children enjoyed designing and creating Fathers Day cards during art, alongside Miss Fryman and Miss Kubow. It was very heartwarming to witness the children share the many ways their dad has inspired them.

We hope you have a restful and enjoyable weekend,

The Year One Team.