Perfect Poetry and Captivating Cricket!

Watergate have had a fantastic return to school this week! The children have enjoyed learning outside in the warm weather and getting out and about.

Our term kicked off with poetry author Darron Rogers coming into our school and showing us his story, ‘Shout out Boo’. Watergate loved getting involved in the reading and shouting out “boo!” with the characters. Watergate then worked with Darron to create monsters of their own – ranging from evil bunnies to aliens! The children loved getting their creative juices flowing and presenting their monsters to the class!

Watergate have paid attention to poetry this week. The children have written alliteration poems, simile poems, rhyming poems and acrostic poems. Watergate have enjoyed the creative freedom that poetry provides them – and have written about a visit to their favourite place, their favourite season, and their hobbies, within their poetry.

Furthermore, Watergate have created Vivaldi-inspired artwork, inspired by the four seasons. The children used watercolours to create beautiful and bright paintings that represent the seasons perfectly!

Within PE this week, we were welcomed by Owen from ‘Chance to Shine’ to introduce us to cricket. Watergate enjoyed learning to bat, bowl and catch to prepare them to learn all about cricket with Miss Valentine and Miss Pearson this half term! Watergate will also be looking at rounders within PE with AJ this half term. Lots of exciting sports planned this half term!

We hope you have a lovely weekend in the sun, and we look forward to seeing you for more exciting learning on Monday!
The Watergate team.