Penguin Patterns

This week in Newgate we have been trying to make contact with birds through Storyworld. As a class we have explored building nests in our outdoor area, with hope that a bird would swoop down and give us some advice on how to get our penguin from Lost and Found talking. The children have also written letters and we’ve sent them into the sky as a paper aeroplane but still no reply!

In other areas the children have been exploring repeating patterns. We began our learning looking at simple colour repeating patterns but very quickly the children were applying their knowledge and skills, so as a team we have challenged the children in their exploration by introducing two step and even three step patterns. Wonderful mathematics was explored by all and the results were wonderful. The children each designed and created a variety of patterns by using shapes, pictures and colours with a range of resources. Fantastic application and understanding of your learning!

Thank you for your continued support. Please refer to the homework blog.

Miss Bowler, Mrs Bebbington, Mrs Thombs and Miss Williamson.