Pupils’ Personal Property

We appreciate that replacing lost uniform and equipment is expensive and aim to work together with our families at St Martin’s to ensure that all items left in school are returned to their owners as promptly as possible.

There are a few simple steps that can be taken by parents and children in assisting the school in being as efficient in the task as possible.

Firstly, it is important that children only bring to school items that are needed during the school day. By limiting your child’s belongings it is easier for them to keep track of what they bring in to school and what needs to be taken home at the end of the day. High value items should not be brought in to school. However, on the rare occasions that this may be necessary, they should be clearly named and given to the school office for safe keeping until home time.

Secondly, it is essential that all items brought to school; uniform, PE kit or other equipment is clearly named either with printed name tags which can be sewn or ironed on to clothing or attached to equipment or clearly marked with a permanent laundry pen. This will aid the safe return of all found items in school either at the end of the school day or as soon as they are handed to the school office. It is important to regularly check that name labels are still visible as they can be washed away during the term and become faded and unreadable. It is also important that your child is aware of where their labels are on their clothing and what they look like as this will help them tell identical items of clothing apart.

Finally, encouraging your child to be independent, looking after their own belongings and valuing them is very important at the outset of their learning journey. Knowing what they have with them each day and if they have misplaced an item can help to ensure items don’t become lost or aren’t taken home by others accidentally

Sometimes, items of clothing and equipment can be mixed up and children may go home with the wrong belongings. We appreciate that our families are very busy at the end of the day, however we rely on parents checking their child’s belongings regularly and returning unnamed lost items to school or help to return named items to their rightful owner.

Even with the very best systems in place, we appreciate that items can be mixed up and misplaced in school. The school will endeavour to return all lost items to their owners as soon as they are handed in to the school office. However, we cannot recognise unnamed items as belonging to an individual and as such cannot return them. These items will be held in school until the end of the year or until they are claimed by a parent/child. At the end of each half term, all lost items will also be displayed at the entrance to the school for collection. At the end of the year, all unclaimed items will be disposed of appropriately. If your child were to lose an item of uniform or equipment in school, please contact the school office and you will be directed to the lost property area.

The school cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to the personal property of pupils unless the item(s) have been specifically handed to a member of staff, who has accepted responsibility for their safekeeping.