Internet Safety

The internet opens up a whole new world of learning opportunities for children, but it does have dangers that parents need to be aware of.

We have measures in place to ensure our children use digital technology in the most positive and educational way; full details of our internet and digital safety policy are available to view in school.

As parents, it is important to keep track of what your child is doing online to help them learn from it and, most importantly, to keep them safe.  If you have any concerns about your child’s use of digital technology or online gaming, the guidelines below will help you to put appropriate boundaries in place.

If you believe your child is being exposed to dangers online, speak to a teacher, who will help put you in touch with professionals who can help.

Simple ways to protect your child at home

Use safe search engines from Swiggle or Kids-search.

Safe search settings can also be activated on Google and other search engines, as well as YouTube.

For guidance on setting up the correct privacy settings on social networking sites, such as Facebook, or for more information on social networking, visit the NSPCC website.

Visit Think You Know for more detailed information on these matters, how to set up parental controls or tips and advice about limiting time spent using digital technology.

The links below contain advice for children:

The National Online Safety Hub publish helpful guides for parents about the use of many different online and gaming platforms.  These guides can be found using the link here.

e-Safety Top Tips

• Communicate with your children about their experiences online.

• Establish internet rules now rather than wait for a problem to occur.

• Ensure your children follow age limits.

• Educate yourself.

• Teach your children never meet anyone in person that they’ve communicated with online only.

• Ensure your children protect their personal information online at all times.

• Be wary of identifiable information in your child’s profile. Remember this goes for your profile too!

• Be smart about details in photographs.

• Warn your child about expressing emotions to strangers.

• Teach your children about cyberbullying.