Arbor, eeZee Trip & newsletters

Communication between the school and parents/carers operates in the following ways:

eeZee Trip

As a school we use eeZee Trip to communicate information about trips, visits and events and activities in school.  Built for use on your smartphone with an app for use on iOS or Android devices, eeZee Trip allows families to connect with school like never before providing instant notifications, engage meaningfully with school and pay for trips, visits, clubs and activities in seconds.


Download now, using the link below, and contact the school for your user name and password.



The school’s newsletter is a key vehicle for communicating in a variety of ways which could include: alerting parents and pupils to forthcoming issues (i.e. weather alerts) and events; celebrating the life of the school; petitioning for parental views and publishing the results of consultations.

The school will endeavour to maintain a fast and efficient service for all stakeholders but recognises that this is not always the case. To remain flexible in our approach to teaching and learning, the school, may on occasion, give more or less notice of events than detailed above.



We use Arbor to store essential information, such as medical requirements, about your child. You can log on to Arbor using the following link:

Arbor Login

Please use this link to find out more about Arbor and how our data is protected.