St Martin’s Academy recognises the importance of clear and effective communications with all stakeholders (pupils and parents/carers, governors and staff, outside agencies including other schools and national bodies, etc), and is committed to being open and accessible for all who have an interest in the school.

St Martin’s Academy aims to provide quality home-school communications to ensure stakeholders have the information they require.

Communications can take a variety of forms: verbal (through meetings or by telephone), written (through letters, notes in planners, notices on the school website or email). Occasionally a communication may be received second hand or through an intermediary.

All parents/carers are encouraged to give an email address for prompt and effective communication as well as providing a current mobile phone contact when available. We review our communications periodically and encourage feedback to ensure we are meeting the needs of our stakeholders. Results from surveys undertaken indicate that the majority of parents are happy with the quality and quantity of Home-School Communication.

    Prospective Parents and Children
  • Prospective parents are invited to a series of open events during the autumn term which may include open afternoons held during the school day, open evenings held during the week or family activity events during the weekend. Details of all prospective parents are placed on the school mailing list who will then receive regular newsletters and up to date information about the school. The website acts as the academy's prospectus which is kept up to date with information about the school.

    On Joining the School - Children and Parents new to St Martin's Academy
  • New parents are invited to a 'New Starters' induction evening in June where the main channels of communication are outlined and information about the school is presented. The academy holds up to 3 familiarisation sessions within school for the children joining the following September. The school uses Arbor as a main hub for the school's Information Management Service (IMS) which holds only data requested by the Department for Education for educational purposes. For how this data is handled and kept secure, please see the attachment at the bottom of this document.

    Curriculum Presentation Evening
  • All parents are invited to a 'Curriculum Presentation Evening' in the September of every year to meet their child's class teacher and learn more about the work that will be undertaken in the new school year.

    Progress Meetings
  • Parents from Year 1 to Year 6 are invited into school twice during the academic year for formal progress meetings with the teaching team, the first of which falls after autumn half term and the second after spring break. For children within the EYFS, the first year of school, home visits are arranged during the autumn term enabling the first progress meeting to be undertaken within a more relaxed environment. These visits can last up to 30 minutes each. The EYFS team will then hold their second progress meeting in school during the spring term.

  • Parents of each year group are also invited into school to attend appropriately themed termly workshops aimed at empowering them to work with and support their child at home as well as informing them of whole school developments. Additional meetings may also be called to share information regarding residential visits.

    Progress Reports
  • Written communication about pupil progress takes place formally for each student once a year with a full written report being sent home to every parent.

    School Events
  • Details about events at the school are published up to two weeks in advance in the schools' newsletter to parents, which is emailed and sent out in hard copy if requested, and through other electronic communication via the website. All key dates are also added to the school calendar available to view and share on the school's website. Queries about events at the school may be made by phone to the school or by e-mail. Written notification of all events is given to parents two weeks in advance allowing for time to prepare or return information required by the school. Reminders, via text message or email will be sent two days prior to an event.