Northgate put their best foot forward!

This week Northgate have researched the River Nile and the importance it has had in developing Ancient Egypt as a civilisation. They had great fun completing a QR code scavenger hunt to research the River Nile before recording these facts. In computing they then applied this knowledge to create their own Google Slides presentations on the River Nile with some fantastic work produced, well done Northgate. The children have also learned more about the pyramids of Giza and why The Great Pyramid was one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World. Next week the children will learn more about how pyramids were built before moving onto learning more about the gods and the afterlife.

In Literacy the children have loved getting to know their vehicle text Egyptology. They took part in an archaeological dig before writing questions about their discovery, including who the items may belong to, where were they found and how important were they. The children also explored words and phrases from the text before evaluating the authors choice of words and the effect this has on the reader in Tune of the Text. We have opened the magical book to discover a letter from a long, lost relative of Emily Sands an amateur egyptologist who may have just stumbled on a life-changing discovery – we can’t wait to find out more!

The mathemagicians in Northgate have applied their knowledge of column addition and subtraction by completing word problems before moving on to inverse and starting to solve pyramid puzzles.

In Spanish the children have been developing their knowledge of Christmas related vocabulary.

Northgate have also took a step in the right direction and learned more about bullying behaviour, how to recognise this and how to report it. They also celebrated how diverse we all are by joining in with odd socks, recognising that everybody is unique.

The Northgate team would also like the opportunity to introduce you to Miss Jasmine Jones, she is an associate teacher who will be completing her placement with us this year and is very much enjoying being part of our bubble. She has thrown herself into school life and we are so happy to have her as part of our team.

Well done Northgate, a fantastic week of learning.

The Northgate Team.