Newgate Knights!

On Tuesday we came back to school to go on an adventure! Following on from our ZOG story, the children have been asking what it feels like to be a knight. Although knights can be hard to find, we did come across the opportunity for solider training. We used our local Roman Learning Walk to take on the responsibilities of protecting the City of Chester for the day.

We arrived and were welcomed by a wonderful Roman solider, who showed us how to hold a shield. The children quickly learnt to march, sing and protect themselves like a solider or a knight. We marched to the Roman Garden’s where we put our new skills to practice. The children worked as a team to create a shield wall and even a shield tortoise shell.  Finally, the children ended our adventure in the Roman Amphitheatre. The children learnt about what it used to be like and even witnessed a small battle!

It was a wonderful adventure and the children have continued their learning in the classroom by designing swords, shields and even some recount writing!

Many thanks,

The Newgate Team