New to Northgate

Watergate have had a wonderful week that concluded with a transition to Year 3 and Sport’s Day practise.

Sport’s Day is fast approaching and Watergate have been busy warming up for the various events. The children have tried and tested difference races before selecting their favourites. We look forward to taking part next Friday.

The children experienced their new Northgate classroom, for the first time on Thursday morning. We created some wonderful artwork that we can’t wait to display in September. Watergate were keen to discuss the uniform expectation in Northgate and subsequently they worked through the steps needed to tie a junior tie- keep practising!

Watergate were delighted to investigate the life of another inspirational woman. This week we focused on Emmeline Pankhurst and her role in the suffragettes. The children were so excited to find out how Emmeline fought for women’s right to vote and were inspired to take part in a suffragette march of our own. We made cupcakes, rosettes and signs, in the representative colours of purple, green and white. We paraded our selves around the playground singing a traditional suffragette song and protested the importance of equality, just like Emmeline and her friends.

Have a restful weekend,

The Year Two Team.