New Beginnings

6 Months out of St Martin’s is a long time! Wolfgate have not been phased at all by the time they have spent home learning or at Cheshire View.

A short week, has meant Wolfgate have been very busy. We started the week with a visitor from the past; Sir Ernest Shackleton Aka Mr Walker. The children listened perfectly to his stories of expeditions, survival and ice packs. They are looking forward to delving deeper into the life and work of Sir Shackleton and the Heroic Age of Exploration as the term moves forward.

The children have been introduced to our class novel which will be the focus of our Guided Reading lessons. We used clues and photos of front covers to help use imagine the plot of the book which gathered some great ideas, from lizards hiding from humans, to buried hidden treasure. We will find out if our predictions are correct as we move through the first few chapters next week.

The Wolfgate Team have been exceptionally proud of Wolfgate’s work ethic this week, they have completed some tricky baseline assessments and have approached them with great determination and a positive attitude.

Overall, it has been a fantastic first few days in Wolfgate, the children have adapted to new routines and new expectations with ease and they have been an absolute credit to themselves and their parents with how they have come back from a long break from school with excellent attitude. We look forward to seeing their characters emerge over the next few weeks.

Have a delightful and restful weekend!

The Wolfgate Team