Naturally Curious In Northgate

Northgate have had a great week.

We welcomed PCSO Bartlett and Two Community Safety Officers into school on Wednesday. The children enjoyed learning about the importance of keeping ourselves and our environments safe. We explored ways to reduce litter in public spaces and designed posters to spread this important message. Thank you PCSO Bartlett for an insightful morning.

In literacy we have mirrored the work Northgate have been doing in Storyhouse Drama sessions with Olivia. We looked at our focus text Fox, by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks. Exploring objects and key words from this text, allowed us to make predictions about story and after establishing the characters, we looked deeper into the images in this decorative book. Northgate were amazing at collecting adjectives to describe these characters, paying particular attention to word choice to ensure the authors representation of this character was reflected correctly. As the week progressed we used this wonderful collection of words to write and perform poetry- wow! Looking through picture books, exploring how word choice and illustrations work together is a valuable exercise that can be repeated at home.

We have been exploring rounding to the nearest ten and hundred in maths this week. Using a catchy rhyme we tackled two, three and four digit numbers, displaying our learning on PicCollage. The following game and video links will help you and your child consolidate their new skills. Likewise, in preparation for the Multiplication Tables Check administered in year four, we have supplied each child with a log in to Times Tables Rocks Stars. This game encourages mental recall of multiplication calculations and can be used at home addition to homework- so much fun!

Have a fantastic weekend,

The Year Two Team.