More Viking Exploration.

We have continued to focus on Vikings, this week, and found out lots of interesting facts about Viking artefacts. The children explored what a Viking’s life would be like and they enjoyed looking at photos and inquiring about what was happening in them.

The children were so excited to create Viking Longboat artwork. Shipgate worked in their table groups to create a 3D, layered Viking Longboat out of ripped pieces of paper, taking their time to build each layer carefully – we still have one more layer to go next week before we present our Masterpieces to one another!

We have been busy stretching the geometry part of our brains this week by measuring a variety of acute and obtuse angles, as well as identifying regular and irregular polygons and consolidating our understanding of the different types of triangles. We are very impressed with you Shipgate!

In English, the children have been busy exploring a variety of pictures, phrases and vocabulary from their new book for this half term – which we haven’t shown them yet – so that they have a clearer understanding of it when they come to actually reading it next week – exciting times!

Enjoy your weekend – we hope the sun shows its face!

The Year 5 Team.